Referee Incentives for Officiating SkVYSA Games in La Conner

The LCYSA Board of Directors has approved the following Referee Incentive program for all registered referees who officiate scheduled SkVYSA soccer games in La Conner this season. Of course, these incentives are in addition to the regular payment that a referee receives for officiating a SkVYSA game.

Entry Level Clinic / Registration Reimbursement.
If a new referee attended a 2017 Entry Level Clinic in Burlington to become a certified referee AND he or she referees at least 6 SkVYSA soccer games in La Conner during the Fall 2017 season, the LCYSA will reimburse that referee the $65 ELC / Registration fee at the end of the season.

$5 'Premium' paid per Game Refereed in La Conner.
For every SkVYSA soccer game that a referee officiates in La Conner this Fall season (Referee* - not AR or 'linesman'), the LCYSA will also pay the referee an additional $5 multipled by the number of games refereed in La Conner over the course of the season. So, if a referee officiates 6 SkVYSA games in La Conner, then the LCYSA will give him or her $30 extra dollars at the end of the season. This will come in the form of a check issued by the LCYSA.

The two incentives can be combined! So, a new referee who got certified at an Entry Level Clinic for Referees in Burlington is eligible for both the $65 ELC Registration Reimbursement AND the $5 premium per game refereed in La Conner during the season.

All of the referees who officiate SkVYSA soccer games in La Conner this season will be confirmed by the Skagit Valley Soccer Referee's Association. All reimbursements and premiums will take place at the end of the season. 

* The LCYSA will pay out a $2.50 incentive (per game) for any home La Conner game in which the referee participated as an Assistant Referee (AR), provided that there wasn't an open soccer game that required a Center Referee at the same time. The purpose of these incentives is to ensure that as many of the SkVYSA recreational games in La Conner have referees as possible. If a referee takes on an AR position when another game had no Center Referee, then the incentive will not be paid for that game.

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